The Great Escape
D&AD New Blood 2021
Brief ...
Set by Penguin: To Reimagine the role of books, reading and authors within young people's learning experience. 

Insight ...
The current school curriculum consists of out-of-date content that young people struggle to relate and engage well with. This can be through the authors background and ethnicity as well as the content of the book and storyline. 
This is causing a significant decrease in the number of students choosing English literature, and subjects alike,  within further education.  
Solution ...
The Great Escape ... The First Audio Book Music Festival 
Reimagining the role of books, authors and reading, for secondary school students, through the voices of the modern-day music artist. 
Taking place in the month of May, current music artists will record covers of a diverse range of YA   books which will then be available to stream, through Spotify, for schools across the country. Every Friday a live Q&A session will take place, with both author and artist, to answer the burning questions from their audience. 
This idea allows the role of books to be reimagined within a young person’s learning experience through an avenue in which they already engage well with.
Visual Language ...
The visual identity surrounding the festival is made up of associated circular symbols which represent the collaboration of genre and artist. These shapes were defined through the breakdown of meaning and intention. For example, the romance/relationship genre is visualised through two circles overlapping to create a connection without completely losing their own defined shape. 
In total there are a series of five shapes that make up the visual identity and symbolising the genres of: Romance, Action/Adventure, Crime/Thriller and Science Fiction. 
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